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01 Booth

◈ Standard Booth

Booth walls, carpet, Facia board(2950mm X 500mm),

1 Socket (per company), 1KW (per booth),3 Spotlights,

Information desk & 2 Chairs(per company)

◈ Raw Space

Space only, exhibitor needs to choose a construction contractor

(Electricity is not included)

Able to contact official contractor

Also more than 4 booths are available.

02 Registration

◈ Registration

By May 31st (Close application process when all booths are out)
– First come, first serve

◈ Documents to Prepare


◈ How to Apply

E-mail or fax the application

E-mail:, Tel: +82-2-6927-3641, Fax: +82-2-6927-3641


03 How to remit the payment

◈ Participation Fee

Once you complete the application process,

the remittance has to be received in full amount within 7 days from the invoice date


Casino Integrated Resort Show Asia 2019

01 Early registration

By February 28th, 2019
Remit all payment by February 28th, 2019

02 Apply for Standard Booth

By May 31st
Remit all payment by May 31st, 2019

03 Apply for Raw Space

By May 31st
Remit all payment by May 31st, 2019

Exhibition Rate

NO. Type Content Standard Booth(3m*3m) Raw Space(More than 4 booths)
Exhibition Rate $2,450 $2,250
1 Early registration All remittance by February 28th, 2019 10% 10%
2 Regular registration When applying, all fee is remitted $2,700 $2,500